viewtour.js is a simple Javascript library wrapping on Google Map services. It's very easy (only adding one line of HTML code) to create any animated Flash virtual street views on the fly. The only requirement for this tool is to install the newer versions of Adobe Flash Player on your browser.

Please refer to the following simple demonstrations and examples (simple1.html & simple2.html).

San Francisco - Chinatown

<div class="$viewtour" from="750 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA" to="1130 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA">San Francisco - Chinatown</div>

Tokyo - Ginza

<div class="$viewtour" from="35.671882,139.765716" to="35.67152,139.762156">Tokyo - Ginza</div>

San Francisco - Market Street

<div class="$viewtour" from="100 Market Street, San Francisco, CA" to="100 Kearny Street, San Francisco, CA" width="300" height="200">San Francisco - Market Street</div>